Orange County Community Foundation

Our Mission...To encourage, support and facilitate philanthropy in Orange County.

Orange County Community Foundation Features

  • posted on 23 Mar 2018 | Group News
    Support Orange County Veterans 
    posted on 15 Nov 2017 | Group News
    Team up with the Orange County Community Foundation in our quest to build a stronger, healthier community for all who call Orange County home.
    posted on 8 Nov 2017 | Group News
    We Gratefully Acknowledge Our Generous Sponsors!
    posted on 3 Nov 2017 | Group News
    Napa, Sonoma and Mendocino counties' community foundations have jointly mobilized the Northern California Fire Fund to respond to the devastating fires that have displaced thousands of residents, and...
    posted on 22 Sep 2017 | Group News
    Join us on November 8 and find out how your passion can change our community. Sponsorship opportunities available!

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About Us

The Orange County Community Foundation works with generous individuals, families and collaborative partners throughout Orange County. Since 1989, we have awarded more than $425 million in grants and scholarships to address needs locally, across the nation and around the world. With nearly $300 million in assets, OCCF ranks in the top 10% in asset size and is the seventh most active grantmaker among more than 780 U.S. community foundations.


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Orange County Community Foundation
4041 MacArthur Blvd., Suite 510
Newport Beach, CA 92660
United States
Phone: 1 949-553-4202
Fax: 1 949-553-4211



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