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The following charts, articles and papers cover various aspects of non-cash donations and charitable gift annuity risk management.

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“Creative Planning for Non-Cash & IRA Assets”

“Charitable Gift Annuity Risk Management: Best & Worst Practices”

“The Top 20 Things Community Foundations Do That Drive Me Nuts!”

“Planned Giving with a Shoestring Staff and a Shoestring Budget”


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Non-Cash Donation Flow Chart

Charitable Solutions in the News

“Generous Tax Tricks,” Forbes, December 16, 2013

“A Good Time to Give To Family and Charity,” Kiplinger, December 2012

“Five Questions With Bryan Clontz (The president of Charitable Solutions LLC discusses how advisors can counsel clients about alternative ways to contribute to charities,)”, January 1, 2012

“How HNW Charitable Giving Is Changing,” Registered Rep, December 21, 2011

“Keep the Stock, Donate the Beans (As donors try to stay liquid, they look for strategies to give away other types of assets),” The Wall Street Journal, November 28, 2011

“How To Give Like Mark Zuckerberg,” Forbes, December 6, 2010

“A Georgia Charity Accepts ‘Weird’ Gifts Contributed to Donor-Advised Funds,” Chronicle of Philanthropy, July 11, 2010

“Giving to Charity, Through Real Estate,” The New York Times, November 2007

“Beyond the Gift of Cold, Hard Cash,” The New York Times, November 2007

“Donor funds accept more real estate,” Investment News, September 2006

“It’s Better to Give,” Bloomberg Wealth Manager, April 2005

“Complicated Gifts,” Investment Advisor, November 2004

Authored Articles

“Converting Real Estate Wealth to Gifts: Opportunities and Challenges,” Journal of Gift Planning, Third Quarter, 2008

“Mortality of Beneficiaries of Charitable Gift Annuities,” Society of Actuaries, 2006

“Optimizing Charitable Gift Annuity Risk Management Part II: Reinsurance Revisited,” Journal of Gift Planning, Second Quarter 2005

“Non-Cash Gifts: Avoiding the Risks,” Planned Giving Today, February 2005

“Optimizing Charitable Gift Annuity Risk Management,” Journal of Gift Planning, First Quarter 2004

“The Top 10 Charitable Gift Annuity Risks to Avoid: How Does Your Charity Stack Up?” Planned Giving Today, November 2004

“An Analysis of Commercial Insurance as an Alternative Gift Annuity Financing Option,” Journal of Gift Planning, 1998

“Charitable Gift Annuity Reinsurance,” The Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions,” Planned Giving Design Center, 2006

“Charitable Gift Annuity Reinsurance Part II: The Top 10 Creative Solutions for Turbulent Times,” Planned Giving Design Center, 2009

“Emergency Assistance Funds (EAFs) for Employee Hardship and Disaster Relief”, Planned Giving Design Center, 2012


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