PGDC Welcomes EzCharitable as a New Contributing Author

PGDC Welcomes EzCharitable as a New Contributing Author

News story posted in General on 11 August 2015| 3 comments
audience: National Publication, EzCharitable | last updated: 29 August 2017


EzCharitable, LLC is a new online company created by Lee Hoffman, CEO of the PGDC, and Randy Fox, EIC of the PGDC, to help advisors bridge the gap of charitable planning software, training, and case design and implementation required to assist their clients with their philanthropy, and in return raise as much money for charity and those they serve.

PGDC sponsors new philanthropy training partner, EzCharitable

Lee Hoffman, CEO of the Planned Giving Design Center and Randy Fox, PGDC’s Editor-In-Chief, have founded EzCharitable, an online training and advisor consultancy, to increase the success of advisors in working with their clients and their family philanthropy. For years PGDC members have been asking for additional training and EzCharitable will meet that need.

Why EzCharitable? Lee Hoffman states it very simply, “Recent studies have shown that high net-worth families want their advisors to be able to assist them with their philanthropy. The better-trained advisors we have in all aspects of planned giving and philanthropy, the more the advisor’s clients, charity and the advisors will benefit. It’s a ‘win-win-win’ and I’ve been saying that since 1979. The problem is, the percentage of advisors who are well trained has not increased to meet current demand. The mission of EzCharitable is to change this”

Randy Fox, EzCharitable's content architect, announced that EzCharitable will concentrate on four distinct categories of education;

  • Opening the philanthropic conversation with the advisor’s client,
  • Gift opportunity recognition,
  • The technical aspects of planned giving,
  • And advisor collaboration.

Additionally, EzCharitable will be providing planned giving software and case design implementation so all, regardless of their expertise, can benefit from the services of EzCharitable. "These are the three initial areas of need we will be providing," Says Hoffman.


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Re: PGDC Welcomes EzCharitable as a New Contributing Author

Sorry that you had issues. Here is a link to a replay of the webinar:

We will be holding another live webinar in September as well

Re: PGDC Welcomes EzCharitable as a New Contributing Author

I was unable to connect to the webinar yesterday and would like to attend the next one if possible.
Were there technical problems with the webinar presentation or was it my low IT skills that prevented me from participating? The next one will be perfect.


Dave Henderson

Re: PGDC Welcomes EzCharitable as a New Contributing Author

Please send me more information on how we can sign up Thanks Don

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